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What Can Developers Build With Clover Finance?

In this blog post, we’ll explore the world of microfinance and what a modern, digital product suite built with Clover finance can offer a developer. Microfinance is the practice of providing loans or other financial services to the very small and very poor. It’s a vital financial service in many developing countries, especially for women and the unbanked.

Microfinance is a massive industry, with over $100 billion in annual loan volume. The traditional model of microfinance (which is still mostly the only model) involves expensive branches, expensive fees, and long application processes. Clover is a new generation of microfinance, built for the digital age and accessible to anyone with a smartphone. Let’s take a look at what that means for developers.

What is Microfinance?

Microfinance is the practice of providing loans or other financial services to the very small and very poor. In recent years, it has been hailed as a vital way to help people in developing countries escape poverty.

In some ways, microfinance is not much different from traditional banking. It provides a service that can help an individual improve their economic standing. The main difference between microfinance and traditional banking is its target customer. Microfinance typically targets those who have less than $5,000 of assets and are often living on a dollar-a-day income.

Microfinance used to be inaccessible to most people because of the high costs associated with accessing it-expensive branches, expensive fees, and long application processes. Clover is different because it’s built for the digital age and accessible to anyone with a smartphone.

Why Build With Clover?

Clover is an open platform that aims to make it possible for anyone with a startup idea to quickly build and grow microfinance solutions. Clover provides developers with the tools they need to create and distribute digital financial solutions in a way that’s convenient and affordable for consumers. This is groundbreaking technology: digital microfinance apps built using Clover’s API can be used by people without a bank account, instantly connect to existing payment networks like Ripple, and more.

Clover uses an innovative model, “API-First,” which makes it possible for developers to build their own custom microfinance app with minimal upfront costs. Developers can have their own branded microlending app in minutes—allowing them to reach new markets easily and take advantage of Clover’s access to emerging markets around the world.

How to Build with Open Source Clover?

Developers can build their own Clover-powered apps by leveraging the open source Clover API. The API provides a set of tools and technologies that allow developers to integrate with the Clover platform. This includes a variety of different code libraries, mobile SDKs, and documentation to help developers integrate their products into the Clover ecosystem.

To use the API, you need an account and token authorization from Clover. You also need access to a database and database credentials for your app. Once you have these basics in place, you can start building with Clover using our API in minutes.

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How to Build with Clover Core?

Clover is a suite of products that can be used together or separately to create innovative, modern financial products and services for the unbanked. We have three core products: Clover Core, Clover App, and Clover Pay.

Clover Core is a state-of-the-art platform for digital microfinance. It includes all of the infrastructure needed to build mobile banking applications, bankable business models and more.

Clover App is our first mobile app product, a single stack solution with everything you need to launch your own mobile banking application in minutes. It includes features like savings accounts, remittances, loans and more.

Clover Pay is our flagship consumer payments product which allows people without access to traditional banks to come online and transact as they please through their phones.

How to Build with Clover Lending

Developers, Clover has a suite of tools to help you build with microfinance.

Clover offers an API that’s easy to integrate into any web application. It’s RESTful, so integration is a breeze. You can collect payments, offer loans, or even offer remittance services–all from the comfort of your own app or website!

Let’s say you want to offer remittance services for people in Latin America. Clover offers APIs for major Latin American banks, so you can quickly connect to the Clover service and start offering remittances. Or if you want to offer loans and charge interest rates, Clover has APIs for local agents who can make disbursements on your behalf–without having to open expensive branches!


Clover is a new kind of financial company that is changing the way people around the world borrow and save money. Clover’s mission to create a world where all people have access to affordable credit and can prosper financially. And Clover is achieving this mission by building a suite of open-source technology that has enabled them to make credit more affordable for millions of people.

In the next few years, Clover finance to make their suite of open-source technology available to everyone – allowing developers to build new products and services on top of Clover’s platform. And there’s never been a better time than now to get started building with Clover.

By Venky M